Vegan Cookbook Challenge: Oh She Glows Everyday (Week 7)

Well we’re back at it with more recipes from Angela Liddon’s Oh She Glows Everyday. I took a week off from my Vegan Cookbook Challenge because I was away in Connecticut visiting my boyfriend. It was good though, because having that time away from the cookbook made me appreciate it more! I got excited to make these recipes and they were goooooooood.

This week has been weird and sad and I’m still wrapping my head around it. I’m writing something to post here about the election but honestly nothing I write seems meaningful enough. I’m still kind of numb when I think about everything, and I know I’m not alone. Making these recipes this week was a good reminder that I love making food and I love making it for other people and sharing love that way. I think it’s important to focus on all the different ways we can spread love to other people in our everyday lives, especially now. Onto the food!


Seriously, Angela never fails with her cookie recipes! They’re all PERFECT! I whipped these up in the 20 minutes before a new episode of Grey’s Anatomy and it made for the perfect comforting combo! Cookies and my favorite TV show? Heaven! I’m trying to up my iron intake so I got some blackstrap molasses to try – I took a tablespoon straight (wow) and I added some to hot water and tea (much more edible) but these cookies are insanely good. The outsides are perfectly crispy and the insides are chewy but not crumbly. The spices are warming and I’m loving spelt flour – so far it doesn’t seem like the gluten in spelt affects me much so yay! I’m going to make these cookies all the time now.


This is a pretty basic smoothie, so basic in fact that it doesn’t have any frozen fruit? At first I had to double check the recipe to make sure I wasn’t missing the frozen banana but literally all it is is light canned coconut milk, orange juice, ice cubes, vanilla, spinach, and avocado. It definitely tastes like a creamsicle and it is super creamy but I wish that it was colder and had more substance to it. I think I’m going to add some frozen banana next time for a more filling and colder smoothie. I do think that this smoothie would be awesome for kids – it is nice and sweet and still gets some spinach and avocado in for those picky eaters. I would definitely make it again but perhaps alter it slightly.


When I was a kid I would go to Fresh City and get one of their huuuuge chicken caesar wraps and demolish it all on my own. I’ve always loved caesar salads and I remember what a bummer it was when I went vegetarian and realized that I needed to ask restaurants whether or not they used anchovies in their dressing. I once had a salad that tasted SO fishy that I had to send it back. This dressing embraces the insanely delicious brininess of caesar salads without stupid anchovies getting in the way and mucking it up! The dressing uses capers and vegan Worcestershire sauce (I used Annie’s brand) and it is so spot on! The roasted chickpeas add a nice crunch (and a boost in nutrition) and the nut parmesan is soooooo good. I used pecans for mine (Angela uses cashews) because that’s just what I prefer but it adds a nice saltiness/cheesiness to the salad. If you added this salad to a wrap with some Beyond Meat chicken it would be exactly like those wraps from my childhood! It also has the omnivore seal of approval – hence the two bowls! I have a bit of dressing left over and I can’t wait to have a small side salad tomorrow. Yum!

What small acts of kindness and love are you sharing this week?

Love, Brenna


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