Monday Morning Motivation


Happy Holidays everyone! No matter what you celebrate/If you celebrate anything I hope your days are filled with great food, chill company, and some moments of peace and relaxation. I think the consensus lately is that 2016 has been a tiring year for a lot of people so my hope for you is that you can finish out this year with a lot of laughs and love.

I think it’s easy around the holidays to fall into the social media trap – everyone seems to be posting about their holiday celebrations! It can be fun to see how everyone celebrates the holidays with their family and friends, but more often than not we find ourselves poring over other people’s pictures on Instagram and comparing our very real, very messy lives to what they choose to share to the world. You see tropical vacations, epically decorated living rooms, huge holiday parties, and lavish presents and you say to yourself, “my life looks nothing like that” as if it’s something to be ashamed about.

That’s the trap I’m talking about. Social media has the potential to be an awesome space where you can connect with like-minded people. You can find your tribe, even if they’re all over the world. I think that’s a magical thing, especially around the holidays when so much family togetherness can cause you to wonder “am I really related to these people?!” I love that I can go on Twitter or Instagram and see a million other people posting vegan Christmas meals just like mine! But around the end of the year ,when expectations are high and emotions are up and down, it’s all too easy to look at what other people have and what you don’t have, and social media gives us a front row seat.

So cut the crap. When you see perfectly curated feeds of fancy holiday gatherings, acknowledge that it looks nice and move on. You have no idea what is actually going on behind the pictures, and chances are the smiling people are dealing with their fair share of difficulties as well. Make a point of reflecting on everything that you have and everything that you’re grateful for. Chances are, there’s quite a lot! Fight the urge to compare your life to anyone else’s – everything you’re going through makes you YOU. Make the choice to celebrate that this time of year and show yourself some compassion. You deserve it.

Love, Brenna


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