Monday Morning Motivation


I write this after a week of feeling exhausted. My joints are super inflamed – from my knees to my hips to my wrists – and it’s hurt to be up and moving let alone doing anything productive. I’m frustrated. I’m finally trying to pull my life together after a rough 2016 and I feel stalled yet again. 

It’s a crappy feeling. That’s just how it is. But last year really taught me that there are going to be really high highs, really low lows, and a whole mess of experiences in between. If you’re feeling down and frustrated and sad, acknowledge those feelings but don’t let them dictate your mindset. Instead focus on how if you hold out long enough, if you fight hard enough, something awesome will be on the horizon. The moments of hurt and pain are what give us perspective when the good things happen to us. And damnnnnn they’re going to feel so incredibly wonderful when they come around! 

As for me, I’m trying. I’m trying to move forward and make progress in my life even though I feel weak and pathetic. I’m trying to set small goals everyday that move me towards the life I want. I’m looking into some naturopaths that can help me figure out these symptoms. And I know that good things are up ahead! So don’t bring yourself down when things aren’t going your way. Instead, pull yourself up, towards the good things that are destined to come. Your life is always going to have ups and downs. Don’t fight it, just learn to ride the wave. 

Love, Brenna


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