Vegan Cookbook Challenge: Oh She Glows Everyday (Week 14)

I’m back with more recipe reviews from Angela Liddon’s amazing new cookbook! Yay! Because I totally took last week off… It’s been a stressful time as I haven’t been feeling too great and I’ve had to get my shit together and shop for a car, and get a job, and be an adult, etc. etc. etc. It’s exhausting. And now that I have a new job lined up (!!!!) I’m not sure if these Vegan Cookbook Challenge posts will be up every week. We’re probably looking at every other week, just to be safe as I continue to get adjusted to my new schedule.

The other day I checked to see how many recipes I still have to make in Oh She Glows Everyday and there are 58 left! It’s hard to believe that we’re pretty much halfway done with the book. There are still a bunch of recipes that I’m really truly excited to try though so stay tuned!


Meh. Those are my thoughts about this smoothie bowl. I love smoothie bowls, I really do, but this one didn’t have any flavor to it. Now it could be my fault because it calls for a scoop of protein powder and I don’t use protein powder so I obviously wasn’t going to shell out the big bucks just for this recipe! I much prefer using things like flax seeds and hemp seeds for protein but I can see now how a chocolate or vanilla flavored protein powder would have boosted the flavor of this bowl. I think that because I used to spend 40 hours a week making other people smoothies and smoothie bowls, I’m a harsh critic of Angela’s recipes for them in her book. I have my way of making smoothies and bowls and I think I’m going to respectfully stick to that going forward!


Holy crap, you guys. I am going to make these coconut chips alllllll the time! It’s just flaked coconut, maple syrup, cinnamon, and a tiny bit of sea salt and when baked it all becomes crunchy and sweet and clumps together like granola. I can’t wait to have this on top of oats and banana nice cream but that means that I need to stop taking handfuls of it every time I go into the kitchen!


Now that I’m headed back to work next week for the first time in five months, I need to start thinking about what food I’m going to bring with me to get me through my days! When I saw the recipe for these marinated lentils, I knew they would be a good choice to pack in my lunchbox. I love lentils and they’re such a great source of protein – 18 grams in 1 cup! With this recipe a combination of French green lentils and regular green lentils are marinated in a dressing with olive oil, dijon mustard, maple syrup, vinegar (it called for red wine vinegar but I used white wine vinegar), lemon juice, and salt and pepper. I love the addition of parsley, green onion, and sun-dried tomatoes and I plan on bringing this to work for lunch as a cold salad. It’s a lovely combination of flavors.

Love, Brenna


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