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Hey guys, my name’s Brenna! Welcome to Open Book Kitchen. My goal with this space is to show you that plant-based, nutrient-dense food can be easy, delicious, and not at all scary! I’ve been eating a vegetarian diet since 2006, made the shift to veganism in 2012, and became more focused on the healing power of food when I was faced with chronic pain, inflammation, and diagnosed with endometriosis in 2013.

The food I eat directly corresponds to how I feel, both inside and out, so as I slowly refined my diet I became more and more enamored by cooking my own food and sharing it with other people. My goal in sharing the food I love on Open Book Kitchen is to show people how much joy can be found in eating plant-based food. Because let’s be real: what’s better than sharing joy with others?

As I started taking my food more seriously, I also found myself seeking out more inspiring content on the internet. Now, before you immediately label me as some vegan hippie, hear me out! While feeding my body delicious, nutrient-dense food was clearly benefiting my health, so was my desire to feed my mind and my soul with podcasts, self-help books, and personal essays written on other people’s blogs. That’s how Open Book Kitchen came to be: a space where I could combine my love of cooking plant-based food and my passion for sharing stories and inspiration with those around me. This is more than just a food blog – it’s a place to explore delicious food and healthy lifestyles with some real talk thrown in every once in a while.

Be an Open Book,