Monday Morning Motivation


I think we can all agree that this time of year tends to feel overwhelming. You’ve got holiday commitments, lots of family time (which can be both a good and a challenging thing), presents to shop for, finals to study for if you’re a student, and all the while you get the sense that the year is coming to an end. For whatever reason this always affects me – I get equal parts excited and hopeful for the new year AND just a little bit overwhelmed that yet another year is pretty much done.

So as you pencil in yet another appointment, party, or shopping trip, OR you get yourself worked up over 2017 being right around the corner, just remember one thing: you need to treat yourself and your body with some compassion too. Your body, mind, and soul need to be nourished in order to accomplish everything you need to accomplish this month! If your calendar is INSANELY booked, then schedule in something as small as a 30 minute break each day where you take a bath, read a book for pleasure, or grab coffee with a friend. Yes, your time is valuable, but so is your health and wellbeing. If you are an empty shell then the impending holidays will be nothing but stressful and exhausting and who wants that?! So sit back and relax, even if it’s just for a little bit, and resist the urge to multitask while you’re doing it. Put the phone down, attempt to turn off your restless mind, and just focus on yourself. You are valuable and you are worth it.

Love, Brenna


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